2015 Plans and Hopes

2015 Plans and Hopes

Happy New Year to you all!

Since I started my Tumblr photo blog last July, I’ve spent tens of hours customizing its theme to perfect my very tiny space online, then suddenly wondering what I’m doing that blog for. This sickness is typical of me, and the reason my previous blogging gigs have never lasted long. I still don’t know where I’m heading, but let me list my plans and hopes for 2015 to hold myself accountable.

NO. 1: Create a free eBook for Tumblr tips or dusk photography guide
NO. 2: Make my Tumblr and main website mobile responsive
NO. 3: Create my own Tumblr custom theme and release to public
NO. 4: Design LASTLIGHTS.NET t-shirt

At first, my Tumblr blog started purely for my self-satisfaction. It largely remains same today, but these days I’m thinking a bit more about how I can help those of you taking time to consume my contents. Not sure if there is any demand of me writing eBook about dusk photography, etc. but I’ll still be happy to do if I can help even one person on this planet!

Other than that, well, I must head out to take photos a lot more often as I’m always lacking of decent photos to post. I’m aiming to post 50 photos on Tumblr in 2015, but that’s almost one a week, which I guess is too ambitious for someone who has taken less than 40 photos that can be called favourites in the past 5 years. I’ll try my best to go as close as possible, though!

Hope you’ll all have a blast in 2015. ;)


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