2016 Plans and Hopes

2016 Plans and Hopes

Happy New Year to you all! Another year has started!! Excited and determined, but will see how long this uplifted mood can last. There will be ups and downs in the next 12 months for sure, but what matters at the end of the day is continuity (talking to myself here!).

There are many things I want to get done this year, and as with last year, I’ll list my top 5 plans and hopes for 2016 to hold myself accountable.

NO. 1: Complete writing all chapters for blue hour photography tutorials and create an eBook out of it
NO. 2: Create an eBook on Singapore cityscape photography guide (i.e. where to shoot from)
NO. 3: Make my website retina display compatible
NO. 4: Post 50 satisfactory photos on my Tumblr
NO. 5: Start learning PHP coding skills

Not sure if I’m too ambitious here, but I’ll try my best to make more progress this year!

Outside this website, I’m just an ordinary husband and relatively new dad working 9-to-5 and feeling stressed out from time to time, just like everybody else. Photography was primarily for my self-satisfaction and escape, but 2015 took a turn to develop this website to be a resource for blue hour photography. I’m nobody, but hoping to be a help those of you interested in blue hour photography but haven’t started yet, just like me back in 2009.

So, stay tuned for more photos and contents to come in the next 12 months. Wish you all the best in 2016!


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