2018 Plans and Hopes

2018 Plans and Hopes

Happy New Year to you all! It’s a new year, new start (and World Cup year for soccer fans like myself!). Before writing this post, I re-read my new year posts from the previous years and was surprised to find out how far I’ve come (well, not that far at all, but I’m much ahead of where I was a few years ago). I’m more than motivated to make another small step forward in the next 12 months! As with the past years, I’m sharing my plans this year to hold myself accountable.

NO. 1: Start writing the most comprehensive ever blue hour photography eBook that shares all my experiences and knowledge
NO. 2: Seek more guest posting opportunities with leading photography websites
NO. 3: Post 50 satisfactory photos on my Tumblr
NO. 4: Further improve PHP coding skills

As for NO. 1, I didn’t say “Finish writing” because I know too well about my overly perfectionist nature and it’d probably take a few years to finish writing, but at least I want to start writing the actual content, not just conceptualising in my head.

I had small success with NO. 2 last year, having a few guest posts published with Digital Photography School website , which helped increase the number of subscribers (those who opted in to download my FREE Long Exposure Photography eBook or Singapore Cityscape Photography Guide eBook). I want to try again this year, as this is one way to reach more people.

Other than that, I’ll continue doing what I’ve been doing, i.e. taking cityscape photography at blue hour as often as possible (hope to explore new locations!) and share my experience on this little space online to add real value for aspiring photographers like you. :)


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