2019 Plans and Hopes

2019 Plans and Hopes

Happy New Year to you all! As with the past years, I’m excited to go out shooting, add newer and better photos to my Top 50 Photo Gallery, and continue sharing my experiences and tips shooting cityscape photography at blue hour! Like I always do at the beginning of the new year, let me share my plans for this year to hold myself accountable.

NO. 1: Complete writing the most comprehensive ever blue hour photography eBook that shares all my experiences and knowledge
NO. 2: Post 50 satisfactory photos on my Tumblr (and add more variety to the type of photos to be posted, not just cityscapes at dusk)
NO. 3: Improve my coding skills and submit my first ever WordPress theme to official repository

I’ve kept my list short this year in order to avoid feeling unnecessarily overwhelmed. As for NO. 1, this is my ultimate goal. 2019 marks 10 years since I took up photography as a hobby. So, I’m hoping to commemorate the year by finishing the eBook and releasing to the world!

NO. 2 is what I try every year, but I want to add more photos that aren’t my typical cityscapes shot at dusk. I’ll take my small sub camera (Olympus PEN) with me whenever I go out so that I won’t miss out on any photo opportunities.

As for NO. 3, I released two Tumblr themes in 2018 (and the third one is almost ready to be submitted to Tumblr). For 2019, I want to go one step further and develop a WordPress (.org) theme (CMS, i.e. Content Management System) for repository submission.

I’ve been using WordPress for more than a decade, coding for my own use, but never submitted a theme to be included in their repository. Since WordPress themes are more advanced than those of Tumblr, it surely takes longer to develop, but this is quite a doable goal as long as I have enough time to myself.

Other than that, I’ll continue doing what I’ve been doing, i.e. taking cityscape photography at blue hour and sharing my experience on this little space online. It’s the reason I started this website five years ago and still my motivation to carry myself forward every year. Happy shooting. ;)

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