About Me

About Me

It’s Joey here. Being a hobbyist photographer, avid traveler, casual web designer and developer, this very tiny space of mine is where all my passions are conveniently combined into one (i.e. I love travelling, taking photos with my trusty Nikon 18-35mm on Nikon D610 and publishing on this self-hosted WordPress website designed by me). The name “last lights” comes from my preference to photograph cityscape and seascape (or both combined which is my most favourite subject) at twilight and dusk.

On a personal note, I’m a daddy to my little boy and live in the city state of Singapore. Apart from travelling, photographing and web developing, I love spending quiet times listening to jazz and bossa nova, and simply chilling out at a cafe reading my favourite books and dreaming about days that I’ll be able to make all my time mine and live and travel freely. ;)

Any questions? Feel free to Contact Me or connect with me on Tumblr . I regularly post photos there. Thank you for visiting my tiny home online!

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By the way, I’ve written two FREE eBooks so far to share my experience in photographing long exposure photos at twilight and dusk, and top photography spots in Singapore. Feel free to download and get your free copy today!

Long Exposure Photography eBookSingapore Photography Spots eBook

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