“Blue Hour” That Lasts for (Almost) a Full Hour

“Blue Hour” That Lasts for (Almost) a Full Hour

Recently I had an interesting conversation with an editor of Digital Photography School website when I got my guest post (How to Find the Best Possible Time to Shoot Cityscapes at Blue Hour ) accepted.

“Blue hour” generally refers to the time between sunset and dusk, and in Singapore (where I live) it’s always 20+ minutes throughout the year (as found on gaisma.com ) although it’s called blue “hour”. That’s why I wrote the following in the guest post.

Blue hour photography is quite a time-sensitive genre, as this prime time of blue hour sky ends in the blink of an eye. So, stay focused, otherwise, you could suddenly miss it passing you by under the fast-changing dusk sky. I really wish blue hour could literally last for an hour!

Sunset at 10pm and Dusk at 11pm in Edmonton, Canada

Then this editor mentioned that in Edmonton, Canada (where she lives) blue hour indeed lasts for almost a full hour in summer. Upon checking timeanddate.com (another resource similar to gaisma.com but with more details), there are a number of days in June that the sun sets shortly after 22:00 and dusk (civil twilight) ends at 23:00, much to my intrigue! For me, it’s totally unthinkable to have dusk at such a late hour!

Edmonton (Canada) at Blue Hour

Edmonton skyline (Canada) at blue hour © Nick Fox. In summer, dusk at Edmonton ends as late as 11pm.

The Farther Away You Go from the Equator, the Longer Blue Hour You Get

Apparently, the length of blue hour depends on where you are located relative to the equator (and also on seasons). The farther away you go from the equator, the longer it lasts. Here I’ve researched the length of blue hour (its shortest and longest of the year) for a number of cities.

Amsterdam (Netherlands): 34-49 minutes
Cape Town (South Africa): 25-29 minutes
Edmonton (Canada): 35-54 minutes
London (UK): 33-47 minutes
Mumbai (India): 22-24 minutes
New York (USA): 28-34 minutes
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): 22-25 minutes
Singapore (where I live): 21-23 minutes
Sydney (Australia): 25-30 minutes
Tokyo (Japan): 25-30 minutes

Quite interesting, isn’t it? As a blue hour photography enthusiast living very close to the equator, I envy those cities with much longer blue hour. There are more blue hour photo opportunities in those places!


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