Take Three Vastly Different Photos of a Same View Using Different Strengths of Neutral Density Filters

Since my purchase of 10 stop neutral density (ND) filter , I’ve been trying to shoot three vastly different photos of a same view at blue hour, using 10 stop, 6 stop and 3 stop ND filters. I used to focus on capturing only one long exposure shot at the prime time of blue hour Read more

I Am on Ko-fi.com Now

Heya all, today I’m writing to announce that I’m now on Ko-fi.com , a platform for creators to receive small donations (USD3, roughly the price of a coffee) and messages from people who love their content. Thankfully, I got my first cup of “coffee” earlier this month! If you’re considering buying me a coffee, thank Read more

Reader Question: My Photos Shot at Dusk Are Often Underexposed. Am I Doing Anything Incorrectly?

Hi there, recently I got another guest post published at DPS (Digital Photography School) website. Please check out Tips for Using Neutral Density Filters for Cityscape Photography at Blue Hour if you haven’t yet. Today, I’m going to answer a reader question. It’s probably a problem very familiar to us cityscape photographers shooting long exposure Read more

Quarterly Best Pics (July-September 2018)

From top to bottom: Singapore Skyline with Merlion, Fukuoka Skyline (Japan), Singapore Skyline from Esplanade (x3), Marina Bay (Singapore). Among these six photos, four of them were shot using 10 stop neutral density (ND) filter, which is a good indication of my current trend. As you may know, the majority of my blue hour cityscapes Read more

Releasing “Eternity” Tumblr Theme

Some of you know that I’m on Tumblr . In fact, Tumblr is my only active place in social media sphere. It may come across as an odd choice, but one of the reasons I’ve chosen Tumblr over others is that Tumblr lets me have a fully customisable website. As a casual web developer, this Read more

3 Silly Mistakes I’ve Made While Shooting at Blue Hour

Today I’m talking about a few silly mistakes I’ve made while shooting at blue hour so that you’ll be alert of these potential dangers. Lost Filter by Dropping into Lagoon This happened at Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque in Brunei. This picturesque mosque is built in an artificial lagoon surrounded by tall fence, so I Read more

Shooting Surreal Looking Cityscapes with Long Exposure Using 10 Stop ND Filter at Pre-dusk

Hi there, hope you’re all doing well! Recently I got another guest post published at DPS (Digital Photography School). Please check out Tips for Shooting Out of Focus Cityscape Bokeh Images at Blue Hour if you haven’t yet. Today isn’t about out-of-focus cityscapes, though. It’s about 10 stop ND filter (revisiting again). You may remember Read more

Free eBook for Fotomoto Guide

Just letting you all know that I’ve created a short free eBook (PDF) titled “How to Sell Photography Prints Directly on Your Existing Website Using Fotomoto”. Fotomoto is a print on demand e-commerce widget that turns your existing photography website or blog into a print and digital download store (it works on a number of Read more

Consider Revisiting: You Learn Something New Every Time You Go Back

“Consider Revisiting: You Learn Something New Every Time You Go Back” is one of the headings I used in my recently-published guest post at DPS (Digital Photography School) titled How to Search Potential Cityscape Photography Spots Online Before Traveling . Please check it out if you haven’t yet! In there, I primarily talked about the Read more

Quarterly Best Pics (April-June 2018)

From top to bottom: Ang Thong National Marine Park (Koh Samui, Thailand), Marina Barrage (Singapore), Singapore Skyline from Esplanade, Singapore Skyline from Benjamin Sheares Bridge, Shanghai Skyline from Lujiazui (China). The first half of 2018 is all but over. One day feels long (especially when I’m working at an unfulfilling day job), but half an Read more


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