Flickr or 500px or Both?

Flickr or 500px or Both?

I’m not someone very active with social networks (Tumblr is the one and only place I stay active). That said, as a photography enthusiast, I do have an account with both Flickr and 500px , but haven’t been as active as I’d want to be, having uploaded only 10+ photos each.

This is because I’ve had my photos posted on this website and Tumblr, and get what I want from these two places, Top 50 Photo Gallery on this website and a community with like-minded photographers on Tumblr. Therefore I’m reluctant to upload the same photos to Flickr and 500px. It’s repetitive and time-consuming to say the least. But now I’m considering to be more active on Flickr or 500px or even both, hoping to get my photos exposed to more eyeballs than it is possible with this little space online (i.e. my website).

My Experience with Flickr and 500px

With my little experience with Flickr and 500px, I’ve realized that nobody gets to see your photos on Flickr (let alone “faves” and comments) if you just upload photos and don’t do anything else. After adding the same photo to 30 different groups (sounds spammy, doesn’t it?), I finally get 100+ views and a few faves or comments. It seems very hard to “get noticed” on Flickr.

On the other hand, photos uploaded to 500px immediately get quite a number of “Likes”, and what’s even more amazing is that the uploaded photos remain evergreen. I still get Likes for photos I uploaded a few years ago! This happens without me doing any kind of self-promotion at all. In addition, Flickr has no option to sell your photos while 500px lets you license photos through its marketplace that works much like stock photography websites.

500px is Missing One Vital Feature

Reading up to here, it sounds no brainer to go with 500px, doesn’t it? That said, 500px is missing one vital feature (to me) which is the ability to replace photos. My overly perfectionist nature obliges me to replace photos when I further edit them (e.g. changing the crop), but 500px won’t let me do this (while it’s possible with my own website, Tumblr and Flickr). Thus, I’m left with no choice but to delete and re-upload as new photos. Doing this loses all the Likes and comments received, but in my typically starving artist-ish manner, I’ve always chosen perfection and self-satisfaction over recognition…

Due to this shortcoming of 500px, I’m leaning towards Flickr, at least until 500px implements the ability to replace photos. I’d love to know which platform (Flickr or 500px) you prefer and why. Feel free to Contact Me to share your view and strategy. ;)

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