Free eBook for Fotomoto Guide

Free eBook for Fotomoto

Just letting you all know that I’ve created a short free eBook (PDF) titled “How to Sell Photography Prints Directly on Your Existing Website Using Fotomoto”. Fotomoto is a print on demand e-commerce widget that turns your existing photography website or blog into a print and digital download store (it works on a number of platforms ). In this eBook, I walk you through the key settings and help you start selling photography prints directly on your own website or blog with ease.

Unlike my other eBooks, I’ve made this Fotomoto guide downloadable Without Email Address Required. So, clicking the button below instantly gets you a copy. It’s TOTALLY FREE for you!

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Lastly, an interesting backstory to share. When I was creating this eBook, I tried my luck asking Fotomoto whether they could let me use their logo on the cover (I wanted a sharp and crisp vector logo!). Then, I was asked to let them see the eBook (which I did), and to my surprise, Derek (their super helpful support hero) provided me with quite detailed feedback. Also, he kindly let me use the logo and even told me that they may help promote the eBook if the opportunity arises!

So, I updated the eBook according to his comments and suggestions, and here is the final (sort of officially endorsed) version available to you all!


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