Going Wider than 18mm – Part 2

Going Wider than 18mm – Part 2

To further continue my pursuit to shoot wider, I recently rented Nikon 14-24mm (f/2.8) . This is the widest and literally the top lens among Nikon’s wide angle lenses. As a cityscape photographer, this has been my dream lens, and I even felt a bit awe-struck to put it on my Nikon D610 body!

Many of us may have thought about this, but ever since I started shooting with an entry model DSLR years ago, I’ve always wondered how sharp a photo can be by using a top lens on a top body. Although my D610 isn’t exactly a top body, it’s an FX (full frame) body, and 14-24mm is undoubtedly the top lens. Testing such a quality lens was an exciting experiment, but the result was somewhat of a mixed bag.

Amazed to See How Wide 14mm Can Go, But …

While I was amazed to see how wide it can go (as seen in the below comparison with 18mm lens), I wasn’t quite impressed with its sharpness, as I didn’t see any significant difference compared to my trusty (and much cheaper) Nikon 18-35mm (f/3.5-4.5) . Maybe I set my expectation way too high… Also, I found this lens too heavy (1kg) and not practical to use as my main lens.

14mm (Outside) and 18mm (Inside) Lens on Full Frame DSLR

Comparing the same scene shot with 14mm lens (outside) and 18mm lens (inside) on full frame DSLR.

Having said all this, my pursuit isn’t over just yet. There is one thing I haven’t tried, which is 14mm prime lenses like Samyang 14mm (f/2.8) and Nikon 14mm (f/2.8) . Unlike 14-24mm or 16-35mm tested previously, these prime lenses are not meant to replace my 18-35mm, but could become a useful addition when needed to go wider than 18mm. I’ll continue with my tests and come back here to report again. Stay tuned!


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