Everything You Own Keeps You Busy: Why I Own Only Two Lenses

Everything You Own Keeps You Busy: Why I Own Only Two Lenses

For enthusiast photographers, it may be quite rare to own only two lenses like I do. Shooting cityscapes exclusively (or rather “narrow-mindedly”), all I need is Nikon 18-35mm (f/3.5-4.5) that I use more than 90% of the time and Nikon 14mm (f/2.8) that caters for situations where 18mm isn’t quite wide enough.

Sometimes my photographers friends are surprised that I own “only” two lenses, but if anything, I feel very good about owning less, as it lets me feel lighter and a little freer, too.

Off topic, but I’ve long applied this minimalistic approach to non photography part of my life and own very few things, which has allowed me to stay away from the stress caused by owning excess stuff. We all know that everything you own keeps you busy, or as Tyler Durden from Fight Club (1999) says, “The things you own end up owning you.”. Looking back, these are very true…

Everything I own today has been brought into my life deliberately and adds real value, like the “only” two lenses I own, Nikon 18-35mm and Nikon 14mm being an essential part of my cityscape photography at blue hour.


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