6 Gear for Long Exposure Photography

Long Exposure Photography Gear

On this page, you’ll find 6 long exposure photography gear that are essential to take beautiful twilight and dusk photos.

Camera Body

DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) or mirrorless camera is needed, as shooting at twilight and dusk requires long exposure, which can only be handled by those cameras with manual and semi-manual modes (e.g. Aperture Priority) available. I currently shoot with Nikon D610 .


There’s no particular requirement for lenses, but having a quality wide angle lens (i.e. 18mm or shorter at wide end) comes in handy when photographing cityscapes. My main lens is Nikon 18-35mm (f/3.5-4.5) .


Apart from camera body and lens, the single most important gear is a tripod. Photos shot at twilight and dusk requires long exposure, sometimes going for minutes, and a sturdy tripod is absolutely essential to keep photos blur-free. A good tripod isn’t cheap but worth every penny and could last a lifetime (seriously!). I own Manfrotto MT190CXPRO3 Carbon Fiber Tripod and use it with SIRUI K-20X Ballhead .

Wireless Remote or Cable Shutter Release

Got your tripod? Then, the next up is a wireless remote or cable shutter release. It helps reduce blur by allowing you to take photos without touching the camera. No need to get a pricey one, though. My wireless remote, Phottix IR-Nikon costs less than USD20, but is more than sufficient.

Neutral Density (ND) Filter

Optional, but strongly recommended. ND filter helps you take even longer exposure shots (minutes, not just seconds), and create silky smooth, glass-like water effect by slowing down the shutter speed by a certain number of f-stops. Quite a number of my dusk photos are shot with B+W 6 Stop ND Filter attached.

Long Exposure Calculator App

With ND filter attached to a lens, but no idea how long should the exposure be? There’re a number of free phone apps that help you determine a correct exposure time (shutter speed). I’m using Long Exposure Calculator by Junel Corales.

With these 6 long exposure photography gear ready, you are now all set to go and take beautiful photos at twilight and dusk! Do you need any suggestion, advice on selecting your gear? Feel free to Contact Me if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to be of your help. ;)

Disclosure: Please be noted that most links on this page are affiliate links, meaning that if you choose to purchase using my links, I may receive a small percentage of that sale for the referral. Rest assured that this referral fee is never added on top of the price. I recommend these twilight and dusk photography gear because I have personally used and liked, not because of the small commission that I may receive.

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