Looking Back 2017: Sticking It out Through and Through

Looking Back 2017: Sticking It out Through and Through

Another year is passing by. A little sad, but the year end is also a time to slow down and enjoy the festive season! We (my family) are soon flying out of Singapore for a short holiday, but before getting on an airplane, let me revisit the goals I set out at the start of the year.

NO. 1: Expand my current eBooks on Long Exposure Photography and/or Singapore Cityscape Photography Guide, or release a new eBook (probably about Brunei mosque photography)
NO. 2: Sell prints and digital downloads of my photos on this website
NO. 3: Continue to share my experience and add value to those who are interested in cityscape photography at blue hour
NO. 4: Post 50 satisfactory photos on my Tumblr
NO. 5: Improve PHP coding skills

NO. 1 Done! Although I didn’t write any new eBook this year, I’ve updated two existing eBooks (Taking Your First Long Exposure Photos at Blue Hour and Singapore Cityscape Photography Guide), adding a mini gear guide (former) and extra two spots (latter). If interested, feel free to grab your free copies on the links above!

NO. 2 Done!! I thought I’d fail this, but have managed to set it up using a print fulfillment service called Fotomoto . Quite a self-satisfying achievement! I also wrote a post titled Selling Photography Print with Fotomoto (with Brief Fotomoto Review) to share my experience using Fotomoto.

NO. 3 Not for me to decide whether I’ve done enough or not, but I did reach a bit more people this year, thanks to a few guest posts published on Digital Photography School website! In contrast, I didn’t write as many blog posts as I’d have liked on my own website, which is something to work on next year, as this is the place I call home and where my efforts should be spent.

NO. 4 Done!!! I set this goal every year, but 2017 is the first time I’ve cleared this number (58 in total, excluding reblogs).

NO. 5 Finally, I’m showing some improvements (after all these clueless years)! I’ve been able to put what I’ve learned into practice, implementing a number of small coding tweaks on this little space online!

Sticking It out Through and Through

Looking back, 2017 has been another steady year. Steady in a sense that I’m as motivated as ever to take cityscape photography at blue hour and continue sharing my experience online (no matter how few people visit this space). I’ve happened to find a comment on Cal Newport’s website that summarizes my sentiments.

“If you don’t have passion, you’ll quit the moment you realize there is no big break. If you have a lot of passion and love for what you’re doing, you’ll stick it out.”


If you come back to my website after 10 years, I’m sure that you’ll still find me here posting blue hour photos. ;) Happy holidays to all!

N.B.: I’ll soon post my top 5 photos in 2017 here on my main website. Please come back in a few days!


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