Looking Back 2018: Most Productive Year Ever So Far?

Looking Back 2018: Most Productive Year Ever So Far?

Once again, this time of the year is coming back. It’s time to slow down (we’ll be away to Seoul, Korea for a short holiday soon) and revisit the goals I set out at the start of the year.

NO. 1: Start writing the most comprehensive ever blue hour photography eBook that shares all my experiences and knowledge
NO. 2: Seek more guest posting opportunities with leading photography websites
NO. 3: Post 50 satisfactory photos on my Tumblr
NO. 4: Further improve PHP coding skills

NO. 1 Not completed. I’ve been procrastinating a lot for this… I finally started in July, but had to put it on hold because of a few other unplanned projects I took on (as explained below).

NO. 2 Done! In 2018, I’ve got seven guest posts published, six with Digital Photography School and one with PetaPixel , which helped increase my subscribers (those who opted in to download my eBooks) from 172 (end of 2017) to 437 (as of writing) in a single year!

NO. 3 Done!! I hit this 50 mark two years in a row (74 for 2018). This number is probably a lot lower than most of photographers on Tumblr, but one photo per week is good enough for me.

NO. 4 My progress is slow like a snail. I’m still miles away from where I want to be in terms of coding skills. One book that helped me improve this year is Web Designer’s Guide To WordPress by Jesse Friedman. Thanks to this book, now I’m more comfortable with WordPress loop.

Free Fotomoto eBook Released

Besides, I actually worked on a few things that I hadn’t planned at the start of 2018. Firstly, back in July I released a free eBook about Fotomoto, a print on demand e-commerce widget that turns your existing photography website or blog into a print and digital download store.

An interesting backstory: This Fotomoto eBook was created out of my rejected guest post. I initially submitted it to Digital Photography School website, but got rejected stating that most of their readers (over 80%) don’t even have photography websites. So, I turned it into an eBook and made it available for free download! If you’re interested, feel free to grab your copy (no email address required for this eBook).

Tumblr Themes Released

Another unplanned accomplishment in 2018 is that I’ve released two free Tumblr themes in their official repository, single column theme named Eternity and double column theme named Timeless . Actually, creating a Tumblr theme was one of my plans in 2015, but slipped down the priority list. Then, back in August the aspiration suddenly came back out of nowhere, and I completed coding the first theme on the spur of the moment!

N.B.: I’ll soon post my top 5 photos in 2018 here on my main website, so come back in a few days! And lastly, happy holidays to you all. ;)

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