Quarterly Best Pics (January-March 2017)

From top to bottom: Marina Bay (Singapore), Singapore Skyline with Merlion, Singapore Skyline from Esplanade, Nishihama Beach (Okinawa, Japan).

This is something I’ve never mentioned before, but my initial interest in photography was sunny beachscape like this Nishihama Beach photo above. It didn’t take me too long before realizing the beauty at twilight and dusk (a.k.a. blue hour) while shooting on beaches, though, and I started to shoot more at dusk than daytime. Then, my interest gradually shifted from beachscapes/seascapes to cityscapes, and here I am today, someone totally hooked on cityscape photography at blue hour. ;)

My wife once told me that all my seascape photos at dusk look almost same, whether photographed locally or at popular beaches like Phuket or Cebu. This is probably true cos people can’t really tell the locations by looking at seascapes. On the other hand, some cityscapes like NYC, London, Hong Kong are pretty characteristic and even capable of connecting emotionally with those who know the places.

Hope my cityscape photos can be more than just scenery and evoke such emotion, too!


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