Quarterly Best Pics (July-September 2016)

From top to bottom: Singapore Skyline with Merlion, Singapore Skyline with Helix Bridge, Marina Bay (Singapore).

Best pics for this quarter all come from those photographed locally. The second photo is my first attempt of a panorama shot with two individual frames, and I’m quite happy with how it turned out! Both photos are shot with f/13, 164 seconds exposure. With the sky at dusk getting darker with every minute passing by, and using close to 3 minutes of long exposure, I was concerned that the colours in the sky may not match well, but they came out quite well. I guess this is because I rightfully shot the darker side (left) first. While waiting for 164 seconds exposure to complete for the darker side, the brighter city side (right) also got moderately darker, which made the transition between two photos quite seamless. ;) In the end, the photos were stitched together using Photomerge tool in Adobe Photoshop CS4.

In the next quarter, I’m planning to visit Shanghai and Okinawa (Japan) at the year-end. It’s winter in that part of the world, so not too sure about the weather, but hope to come back with something to post here. Happy shooting!


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