Quarterly Best Pics (July-September 2018)

From top to bottom: Singapore Skyline with Merlion, Fukuoka Skyline (Japan), Singapore Skyline from Esplanade (x3), Marina Bay (Singapore).

Among these six photos, four of them were shot using 10 stop neutral density (ND) filter, which is a good indication of my current trend. As you may know, the majority of my blue hour cityscapes you see on Top 50 Photo Gallery are shot using 6 stop ND filter, but I’ve been experimenting with 10 stop ND filter a lot lately. It’s sort of an extreme filter that’s hard to put it into effective use, but has a huge potential to capture epic photos!

In the next quarter (at the year end), we’re planning to go back to Busan and visit Seoul (both Korea) for the first time ever. Until then, I’ll keep shooting locally by revisiting my favourite spots and try to improve upon previous attempts. Happy shooting, everyone!


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