Quarterly Best Pics (October-December 2016)

From top to bottom: Singapore Skyline from Esplanade, Singapore Skyline from SkyPark, Singapore Skyline from Esplanade (Panorama).

All my best pics for this quarter once again come from those photographed locally. I’m especially happy with the second one from SkyPark, the rooftop of Marina Bay Sands. It has taken me a number of (paid) visits, but I’ve finally captured a satisfactorily sharp shot, thanks to my recently-purchased clamp tripod (Manfrotto 035 Super Clamp with Manfrotto 208HEX 3/8-Inch Camera Mounting Platform Adapter ).

Previously, all my photos from SkyPark were shot with Gorillapod (mini tripod that supports 5kg) as a full size tripod isn’t allowed to bring in, but the photos tended to be a little “soft” probably because Gorillapod couldn’t sustain the camera weight too well, especially for long exposure shots. This rock solid Super Clamp has proved to be the answer I’ve been looking for, and has made all the difference. ;) Happy shooting!


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