Selling Photography Print with Fotomoto (with Brief Fotomoto Review and FREE eBook Giveaway)

Selling Photography Print with Fotomoto (with Brief Fotomoto Review and FREE eBook Giveaway)

I’ve now started selling print and digital download on demand directly on this little space online, using a print fulfillment service called Fotomoto . I’m not sure whether there is any demand at all, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, so I’m quite happy that I’ve finally got it started! Today, I’ll review a few options to sell prints online (with brief Fotomoto review, plus FREE Giveaway of Fotomoto Guide PDF eBook to come at the end of the post).

Free and Easy but No Control: Redbubble and Society6

I see some people using a service like Redbubble and Society6 to sell prints and other printed items. This is probably the easiest (and also cheapest, i.e. free) way, but not quite ideal for me cos I wanted to sell on my own website and have the full control over how the page looks, etc. I know this is typically me, the perfectionist. ;)

Built-in One Stop Solution: Smugmug and Zenfolio

If you still don’t have your own website, starting one with Smugmug or Zenfolio is a good idea. It’s not free, but they let you host a website with a built-in print on demand store that handles printing and shipping for you. You can also opt to use a custom domain, and SmugMug even allows full customisation of HTML and CSS (no JavaScript, though) while Zenfolio’s customisation is somewhat limited.

The reason I didn’t go with these built-in one stop solution is that I already have my self-hosted website (proudly powered by WordPress). Setting up another website with e.g. SmugMug simply defeats the purpose of having this website, and I also was reluctant to switch my alliance to SmugMug because coding with WordPress is my another passion!

Fotomoto Review: Turning Photography Website into Print on Demand Store

So I went to find a solution within WordPress and came across Fotomoto plugin that lets me sell print and digital download right on my own WordPress powered website for free of charge (there are also two tiers of paid plans called Pro and Pro Plus ). Just like SmugMug and Zenfolio, it handles printing and shipping for you, too. With Fotomoto, you can easily turn your photography website into a print on demand store, whether it’s run on self-hosted WordPress like mine, or Google Blogger, Tumblr, Squarespace and many more (see the full list of supported platforms ).

Brief Fotomoto Review

1. Canvas print and card arrived perfectly packed. Upon ordering, it took only 6 days (from U.S. to Singapore) to receive this canvas print (shipped by FedEx).

2. Upon unboxing the package, canvas print was securely sealed by plastic. Excellent protection.

3. I’m 100% satisfied with its print quality (orders made on Fotomoto are always printed by California based Bay Photo). The colours between screen and print are closely matched, which is a good reassurance for me and anyone interested to buy prints.

If you’re interested, feel free to check how Fotomoto works live on my newly-created print pages (N.B. I’ve disabled Fotomoto on mobile devices as it’s unlikely for anyone to buy prints on phone, so please access the page on your computer or tablet)! Or, Contact Me for any feedback or questions, as always. ;)

Download Your FREE eBook (PDF) and Start Selling Photography Prints with Fotomoto

Free eBook for Fotomoto

I’ve created an eBook titled “How to Sell Photography Prints Directly on Your Existing Website Using Fotomoto”. In this eBook, I walk you through the key settings and help you start selling photography prints directly on your own website with ease. Unlike my other eBooks, I’ve made this Fotomoto guide downloadable Without Email Address Required. So, clicking the button below instantly gets you a copy. It’s TOTALLY FREE for you!

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