Step up My Game in Photography

Step up My Game in Photography

This story goes back to several weeks ago when searching for photos of Kuala Lumpur (a.k.a. KL), Malaysia, as we were planning a short family holiday over a long weekend. Then, I came across a local photographer’s blog full of beautifully captured cityscape shots of KL. In there, he also talks about how he started taking his photography more seriously in 2012 and dedicated all his free time to improve his game.

The statement hit me quite a bit, as I can’t say that I’ve dedicated as much free time into photography as I’d have liked. I started photography in 2009, a few years earlier than him, and though I may have a few decent photos, my photos are still miles away from top-notch, to be honest. Yes, photography for me is nothing but self-satisfaction and I don’t need to compete with anyone, but I do want to improve my game.

Shifting the Focus to Improving My Photography

When I look back on the past years, I’ve probably spent way more time coding WordPress and Tumblr themes to create websites that showcase my photos, rather than going out and shooting with my camera. Well, I love web design and coding (my another hobby), but what I was doing was like building a beautifully designed restaurant that serves average food, I must admit…

So, here I am declaring that I’m going to shift the focus to improving my photography, not perfecting my coding skill! I’ll do what it takes to prove it to myself in time, cos I’m now publicly stating this to hold myself accountable. ;)


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