Stop Comparing Your Photos with Others

Stop Comparing Your Photos with Others

I guess this is not just me, but I used to compare my own mediocre photos with those popular ones online and felt quite discouraged, thinking that my photos are no match and felt like quitting photography altogether. Not just once, many times indeed. It went to extremes that I even stopped seeing other photographers’ photos for a while by staying away from places like 500px and Flickr.

Then came a realisation that it’s hard to photograph something that can go beyond self-satisfaction. In fact, self-satisfaction can be the biggest reward we photographers get from photographing what we truly love. Photography is not a race or anything. I’m not competing with any other photographers. I don’t have to.

Setting My Mind on Bettering My Own Photography

Once this thought has taken root in my mind, I’ve stopped comparing my photos with other photographers’ (and lifted my self-imposed ban on visiting 500px and Flickr), and instead set my mind on bettering my own photography. In a way, I’m competing with the yesteryear’s myself to improve and take better photos, better than when I got started, better than last year, better than ever.

So, don’t compare with other photographers’ photos, compare with your own, and strive to take better photos than any photos taken to date! Happy shooting. ;)


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