Consider Revisiting: You Learn Something New Every Time You Go Back

“Consider Revisiting: You Learn Something New Every Time You Go Back” is one of the headings I used in my recently-published guest post at DPS (Digital Photography School) titled How to Search Potential Cityscape Photography Spots Online Before Traveling . Please check it out if you haven’t yet! In there, I primarily talked about the Read more

My Take on Travel Photography

Even until now, I’ve got the tendency of revisiting places that I’ve already been to, rather than travelling to new places, but now I’m feeling more inclined to focus on a few selected places, especially after my recent trip back to Hong Kong, the city that fascinates me with its amazing cityscapes. Firstly, a single Read more

Photographic Redemption

Not sure whether there is such a word as photographic redemption, but that’s a thing I’m a bit obsessed with. Simply put, photographic redemption for me is returning to those places I’ve once visited but come back with no decent photos due to bad weather, my sheer incapability, etc. (Cebu, Melbourne, Ho Chi Minh City, Read more

Small Dream

I’ve been dreaming about taking 3 months off and travelling to three different favourite places, taking cityscape photos dawn-to-sunrise and sunset-to-dusk on every single sunny day. It’s sad to say that my dream is taking 3 months off when we have so many years to live, but it’s a damn fact that I can’t even Read more


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