My Take on Travel Photography

My Take on Travel Photography

Even until now, I’ve got the tendency of revisiting places that I’ve already been to, rather than travelling to new places, but now I’m feeling more inclined to focus on a few selected places, especially after my recent trip back to Hong Kong, the city that fascinates me with its amazing cityscapes.

Firstly, a single visit is not really enough (unless staying for weeks) to take satisfactory photos. Before travelling, I try to collect as much info as possible by checking on Flickr, Wikitravel and Google Map, etc., but it’s still not easy to locate the best possible shooting spots with a single visit.

Secondly, the uncontrollable weather. Since most of my travels are short ones (4 to 5 days, or 1 week at most), there have been a number of unlucky trips with no single sunny day during my stay. The weather is a matter of luck, and it’s rare to get a clear dusk sky when staying for a few days only.

The great thing about revisiting same places is that I learn something new every time I go back.


Lastly, it’s just my obsession! When I come back from a travel with no decent photo, I feel urged to go back again for what I call photographic redemption. The great thing about revisiting same places is that I learn something new every time I go back, e.g. better shooting spots, faster way to move around, new coffee shops, etc., all of which (except coffee!) increases my chance of taking better photos.

By the way, what I don’t like about always travelling to new places is the sense of sadness when leaving for home, cos I can’t help but think “I may not be able to see this view ever again in my life”. Do you feel the same?


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