Long Exposure Photography at Blue Hour by Joey J 📸


Toy Photography with Squidward (SpongeBob SquarePants) Collectibles

Recently, I bought these Squidward toys (they’re called “collectibles” 😅), and biked to East Coast Park (Singapore) to shoot them in golden hour using Olympus PEN E-PL10 with M.Zuiko 17mm (f/1.8) lens. I can’t be happier with these results!

Imagine a 50-year-old man enthusiastically shooting Squidward toys from all angles (I chose an area with almost nobody around, though 😅), which might be amusing, but Squidward is really my most favourite cartoon character, as I see myself in him a lot.

I remember someone saying, “The older you get, the more relatable Squidward becomes.”, which resonates with me as an unappreciated artist myself. 😅 In rare SpongeBob episodes where Squidward’s talent (clarinet, painting, etc.) is appreciated and he becomes happy, I feel very happy for him, too!


About MeAbout the Author: LASTLIGHTS.NET is a passion project of Joey J, a Singapore-based Japanese photographer primarily shooting cityscape photography with long exposure at blue hour. Visit his Home Gallery (30 most favourite photos taken) or download his free eBook, Getting Started with Long Exposure Photography.

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Nicely done!


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