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What I am Doing Now (11 November 2022)

Like many people in Singapore (and probably around the world as well), I bought a bike (folding one) and started cycling amid the COVID pandemic in 2020. Two years on, I’m still riding weekly (about 30km on Saturday).

I’m glad I’ve picked up cycling, as this is the only exercise that I can continue, because I don’t like running at all, and I can’t swim much (about 30m only 😂).

My folding bike with Singapore CBD. Sometimes riding with Olympus PEN for casual shooting as well.

Since I’m almost reaching 50, keeping myself fit is a must, as I want to stay healthy for as long as I can so that I can finally live my life (not someone else’s life 😅), spending as much time on my passion projects as possible after retirement.

When people say, “Life begins at retirement”, I always felt it’s too late. 😂 Indeed, it’s very late to start living your life at 60 or 70, but sadly, that’s how it is for commoners like myself, considering how little free time I’ve had during all these working years…

So, until the day that I no longer have to work, I’ll keep cycling and keep myself fit so that I won’t miss out on the biggest treat of my life (a.k.a. retirement).

Updated on 11 November 2022 from Singapore.

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