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What I am Doing Now (7 October 2022)

So, about a few weeks ago, Nikon announced Nikon Z 17-28mm (f/2.8) lens, which will be released in late October. It’s something I definitely want to rent and test its sharpness when it comes to Camera Rental Centre.

Compared to my Nikon 18-35mm (f/3.5-4.5) lens, going 1mm wider but losing 7mm at the tele-end, which doesn’t sound good, but upon checking all my photos posted on this website, only 14% of the photos were shot in the range of 29-35mm, so I might not be losing too much.

That said, my decision will solely be based on the sharpness. 😅 If noticeably shaper than 18-35mm, I’ll consider getting it, but if not, I’ll stay with my trusty 18-35mm.

As for the filter thread size, it’s 67mm, so I can continue using my 77mm filters via a step-down ring, which is a plus point! I can’t wait to put it into test. 😀

Updated on 7 October 2022 from Singapore.


October 8, 2022 | Permalink

Hopefully this lens will be able to exceed your expectations and you can get something new 😁 also good that you were able to calculate which focal range you use the most, saves a lot of guessing.

    October 8, 2022 | Permalink

    Yeah, not too sure whether 14% is big or small. It’s like 1 in 7 photos missing out.

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