• Help You Get Started with Twilight Photography and Dusk Photography

Get You Started with Twilight and Dusk Photography

Heya all, it’s Joey here, a cityscape enthusiast photographer from Singapore, primarily shooting twilight and dusk photography.


While this tiny space online was initially created to showcase my favourite photos on Top 50 Photo Gallery, it has also become a place to share my experience photographing long exposure photos at twilight and dusk. My goal here is simple – Help You Get Started with Twilight Photography and Dusk Photography. A number of free contents are all here to serve this purpose.

Free eBook

This FREE 10 page eBook (PDF), Taking Your First Very Long Exposure Shots at Twilight and Dusk, has all the info you need to shoot beautiful cityscape photos at twilight and dusk, explaining exact steps, camera settings and gear required for you.

Short Tutorials

9-chapter-long Twilight & Dusk Photography Short Tutorials cover various topics such as what to look for when choosing a tripod, how to create silky smooth water effect with neutral density (ND) filters, tips to take “reflection-free” cityscape photos through glass window of observation deck, etc.

Gear Guide

6 Gear for Long Exposure Photography talks about essential gear and tools that let you take beautiful long exposure photography at twilight and dusk.

Feel free to Contact Me if you have any questions. I’m always here to help you out!

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