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What I’m Doing Now

Here is my “now” page to talk about what I’m doing now, my focuses, priorities, etc (whenever something new comes up, I’ll overwrite on this page).

This page was last updated on January 19th, 2018.

Like I said in my last update , I want to keep this website alive beyond my time on this planet, but that’s probably not happening, unless my website becomes a brand (i.e. sizeable company). Then there would be people (employees) looking after the website after my passing, but turning this hobby website into business is very unlikely to happen. So now I’m also thinking about another route, which is publishing books that include my best photos and life stories, etc.

Here I’m not talking about traditional publishing by big name publishers, but rather about self-publishing such as Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) or Blurb .

My current plan is to publish a comprehensive eBook about shooting cityscapes at blue hour and a picture book (coffee table book) that has my best photos in it. Personal websites/blogs like mine are destined to come to an end upon our demises, but with books, especially physical books, I’m hoping to leave a piece of myself behind for my son, loved ones and anyone following my photographic journey of shooting cityscape photography at blue hour.

Next month, I’ll move to other topic. Stay tuned!

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Why not creating your own “now” page (/now) that tells others what you’re focused on at this point in your life? I first found out about now page through Patrick Rhone (his now page ) whom I know from Minimalism film . This whole idea of now page came from Derek Sivers , an American writer and entrepreneur who has made Singapore and New Zealand his home(s). More on now page here .

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