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What I’m Doing Now

Here is my “now” page to talk about what I’m doing now, my focuses, priorities, etc (whenever something new comes up, I’ll overwrite on this page).

This page was last updated on April 10th, 2018.

Life as usual here in Singapore. I often feel that my plate is completely full with just two things, full time work and parenting, and hardly have any time for anything else. Still, I’m always trying to gather a little bit of free time here and there and dedicate to my passion – photography and coding. I hope I’ll be free from all the commitments one day and take full control of my life (before getting too old). Here are what I’m doing in April 2018.

  • Planning to revisit a few local cityscapes photography spots where I’m not convinced with my previously-taken photos. I want to take better photos and get those few unconvincing photos in Top 50 Photo Gallery replaced. My journey for self-satisfaction never ends!
  • Once again working on coding for my Tumblr website, trying to make a few small design changes.
  • Writing a new guest post that I’m submitting to DPS (Digital Photography School) website.

Why not creating your own “now” page (/now) that tells others what you’re focused on at this point in your life? This whole idea of now page came from Derek Sivers , an American writer and entrepreneur who has made Singapore and New Zealand his home(s). More on now page here .

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