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What I’m Doing Now

Here is my “now” page to talk about what I’m doing now, my focuses, priorities, etc (whenever something new comes up, I’ll overwrite on this page).

This page was last updated on July 21st, 2018.

Life as usual, exhausted from working for someone else and parenting, but still appreciative with what I have today. Here are what I’m doing in July 2018.

  • Trying to shoot surreal looking long exposure photos using 10 stop ND filter (not at dusk, but slightly earlier around sunset time so that long exposure noise will be kept at bay).
  • Reading some WordPress books for web developer by borrowing from a local library. I’m not quite a web developer, but aiming to upgrade my skills as a webmaster of this website. Besides photography, coding is my another passion!
  • Looking to do some side hustle designing/building websites. If you need one, feel free to Contact Me! FYI, this website is 100% designed/coded by myself.

Why not creating your own “now” page (/now) that tells others what you’re focused on at this point in your life? This whole idea of now page came from Derek Sivers , an American writer and entrepreneur who has made Singapore and New Zealand his home(s). More on now page here .

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