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What I’m Doing Now

This page was last updated on July 19th, 2017.

Here is my “now” page to talk about what I’m doing now, my focuses, priorities, etc (whenever something new comes up, I’ll overwrite this page).

My Current Focuses

I’m currently focused on a few things, i.e. making my website load faster, improving my two existing free eBooks by adding new pages and tweaking page layout, trying to take a satisfactory Singapore skyline photo from Marina Barrage.

Outside this space, I’m finding it very hard to develop some good habits that I’m rather reluctant to work on. Doing regular exercise, eating healthy, reading books, being more social, improving my self-esteem, you name it! For the things I like (e.g. taking photos and web developing), though, I don’t need any encouragement or determination at all cos I always do whenever I have time off. It’s really a piece of cake. So, I’m now trying to find a way to incorporate at least one of these supposedly good habits in my daily life.

Any thoughts? Feel free to use my Guestbook to leave a message. Thanks!

Why not creating your own “now page” (/now) that tells others what you’re focused on at this point in your life? I first found out about now page through Patrick Rhone (his now page ) whom I know from Minimalism film . This whole idea of now page came from Derek Sivers , an American writer and entrepreneur who has made Singapore and New Zealand his home(s). More on now page here .

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