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What I’m Doing Now

This page was last updated on August 27th, 2017.

Here is my “now” page to talk about what I’m doing now, my focuses, priorities, etc (whenever something new comes up, I’ll overwrite on this page).

My Current Focuses

I’m now trying to add two more new locations to my free eBook on Singapore Photography Spots (from the current top 3 spots guide to 5 spots). May still take a while to take decent photos and add access info, etc., though! Also, aiming to go back to Marina Barrage to take a satisfactory Singapore skyline photo, as I’m not quite happy with my previous two attempts. No compromise!

I’ve started jogging twice a week with my son (only 1km a time, though)! I hate running, but my son enjoys it, so I’m taking as an opportunity for me to develop a good habit that I’m rather reluctant to work on. We also go to a swimming pool together and play tennis (with my wife, too) once a week each (doing these for a few years now). Well, I’m realizing that (while writing) it’s actually a lot of exercises for someone who isn’t a sports person at all… I’m definitely more of a person who loves to spend my time indoor doing some codings, readings and writings! Let’s see whether more exercises can reduce fatigue at work or not.

Any thoughts? Feel free to use my Guestbook to leave a message. Thanks!

Why not creating your own “now page” (/now) that tells others what you’re focused on at this point in your life? I first found out about now page through Patrick Rhone (his now page ) whom I know from Minimalism film . This whole idea of now page came from Derek Sivers , an American writer and entrepreneur who has made Singapore and New Zealand his home(s). More on now page here .

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