I Am on Ko-fi.com Now

I Am on Ko-fi.com Now

Heya all, today I’m writing to announce that I’m now on Ko-fi.com , a platform for creators to receive small donations (USD3, roughly the price of a coffee) and messages from people who love their content.

Thankfully, I got my first cup of “coffee” earlier this month! If you’re considering buying me a coffee, thank you in advance! In fact, your support is what keeps me going. Without it, this place and what I do are nothing more than self-satisfaction. I occasionally receive thank you emails from those who have downloaded my free eBooks. Such gestures are more rewarding than anything else in the world!

As always, I’m fully committed to continuing to share my experience and add real value to those who are interested in shooting cityscape photography at blue hour. Like I said before, if you come back to my website after 10 years, I’m sure that you’ll still find me here sharing tips and releasing new free eBooks, etc.

Thank you always for your kind support!

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