Looking Back 2015: I’m Getting There

Looking Back 2015: I’m Getting There

It’s so fast that 2015 is ending soon! Although there is no snowing in Singapore, I like this time of the year most, as everyone in the world slows down, and I can safely get away from my 9-to-5 work for a while without getting flooded with emails when I’m back.

Today, I’m revisiting the goals I set out at the start of the year.

NO. 1: Create a free eBook for Tumblr tips or dusk photography guide
NO. 2: Make my Tumblr and main website mobile responsive
NO. 3: Create my own Tumblr custom theme and release to public
NO. 4: Design LASTLIGHTS.NET t-shirt

NO. 1 Done! I released my first ever free eBook, Taking Your First Long Exposure Photos at Blue Hour in October. Thank you for those who opted in and downloaded!

NO. 2 Done!! Around this time in 2014, both my main and Tumblr websites weren’t mobile friendly, but I managed to edit the theme code to make them mobile responsive (check this site on your mobile phone if viewing the full site now!). Probably the most self-satisfying achievement in 2015. ;)

NO. 3 Failed to get done. This has slipped down my priority list, and I probably won’t be doing anytime soon.

NO. 4 Done but not posted online yet. I designed three t-shirts earlier this year and had a casual model shoot just last week! I promise to post on my Tumblr in early January 2016! (Update on 8 January 2016: It’s posted )

Getting a Sense of “I’m Getting There”

Looking back, I feel like I’ve got a ton done in the last 12 months. I’ve worked a lot on this website to improve functionality and added quite some contents, including my first ever free eBook which I hope will be a milestone for bigger things to come in 2016. I’m getting a sense of “I’m getting there”. ;)

Last but not least, I talk about what matters most, i.e. photography!! In 2015, I’ve posted a total of 35 photos on my Tumblr. This is way short of my initial aim of 50 photos a year, but still quite satisfied, as 2015 is the best year in terms of the number of favourite photos I’ve been able to shoot. Now I’m really looking forward to 2016 to add more favourites to my Top 50 Photo Gallery where my best photos go.

Happy holidays to all and I’ll be back very soon!


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