Shooting Singapore CBD with Dan

Shooting Singapore CBD with Dan

Back in April, my friend Daniel (Daniel E Lee Photography ) from Sydney came to Singapore for a short trip, and we went shooting together at my favourite Esplanade area!

I met him on Tumblr a few years ago (I don’t remember how it started exactly) and we have been speaking a lot using Tumblr messenger and email, so it was a pleasure to finally meet him in person! By the way, he is the third person that I’ve met in person through Tumblr (first two are a Canadian lady and a Malaysian guy visiting Singapore for holidays).

Around the time I met him online, I was already shooting cityscapes at blue hour, but wasn’t yet introduced to neutral density (ND) filters. It was through Dan and his photos that I learned to use ND filters in order to extend shutter speed for minutes (not just seconds that I used to do) and create silky smooth water effect that is typically seen in my cityscape photos today.

Here are what we got on this memorable evening, shooting Singapore CBD together.


Daniel tried 8 minutes exposure going beyond the end of dusk (top). The view is slightly wider shooting at 16mm. I shot mine (bottom) at 18mm, 7 minutes before the end of dusk with 162 seconds of exposure. Both of us used 6 stop ND filter and the same phone app (Long Exposure Calculator app ) to calculate a required exposure time. Actually it was Daniel who told me about this handy app a few years ago!

N.B. Don’t forget to check out Dan’s photos at Daniel E Lee Photography and his Flickr . He is a versatile photographer shooting more than cityscapes and has got plenty of great photos in his portfolio. ;)


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