Give Your Photos a Home: Starting Your Photography Website on a Platform That Best Suits You

As an aspiring photographer, you may be regularly posting photos on places like Facebook, Instagram or Flickr, but those places aren’t really called “your website”, and you shouldn’t be building your photography home on “rented land”, i.e. platforms that you have no control over. Hence, if you still don’t have your website, getting it setup Read more

2017 Plans and Hopes

Happy New Year to you all! I’m already feeling excited about numerous local photography outings here in Singapore and a few overseas trips that are ahead of me in the next 12 months. I always have this itch to work hard on my hobby and try to get as much done as possible! As with Read more

2016 Plans and Hopes

Happy New Year to you all! Another year has started!! Excited and determined, but will see how long this uplifted mood can last. There will be ups and downs in the next 12 months for sure, but what matters at the end of the day is continuity (talking to myself here!). There are many things Read more

2015 Plans and Hopes

Happy New Year to you all! Since I started my Tumblr photo blog last July, I’ve spent tens of hours customizing its theme to perfect my very tiny space online, then suddenly wondering what I’m doing that blog for. This sickness is typical of me, and the reason my previous blogging gigs have never lasted Read more


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